Revving Up Huel’s UGC Strategy: A Tale of CAC, UGC and a Whole Lot of Creativity


Huel, a well-known brand in the nutritionally complete food market, reached out to us for assistance in enhancing their online presence, broadening their customer base and boosting ad spend profitability without significantly increasing customer acquisition costs (CAC).

Working alongside Huel's creative, brand and performance marketing teams, the ZeroTo1 team successfully transformed these ambitious objectives into a reality. Let us explain how we accomplished this remarkable achievement.

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3: The Creative Testing Plan

Our testing plan was all about start broad, then zoom in. We started by throwing a lot into the mix—concepts, creators, hooks—to find our winners and build a strong foundation. Then, we moved to the specifics, honing in on sale sequences and CTAs.

The Payoff: Results and Metrics

Let's review some figures now. Our creative efforts have yielded positive results, with Huel's performance statistics improving in May. We achieved 2nd and 5th place in terms of return on ad spending (ROAS) during the first month!! Compared to April, we decreased our ad spend, indicating that we are allocating resources more effectively.

The click-through rate (CTR) and thumbstop rate both increased, indicating that our creative was effective in capturing attention and encouraging action. In addition, one of our advertisements exceeded Huel's account average with a ROAS of 1.77

Our Secret Sauce: The Strategy

We split our creative strategy into three parts:

  1. Value-Add Creative
  2. Remix Existing Creative
  3. Net-New & Iterative Creative

Value-Add Creative

Our team values comprehensive knowledge of our client’s products, so we ordered and experienced Huel products firsthand to create valuable and emotionally engaging content. In just two weeks, we developed two exceptional concepts, one of which performed exceptionally well, surpassing the account average in terms of the Thumbstop ratio. We also captured various visuals, hooks, and b-roll shots for our content library, as well as examples for UGC creators.

Remix Creative

Through our brand audit and analysis, we were able to remix and update Huel's previous ad campaigns and creative assets, resulting in ten additional remixed creatives within the span of a month. We made sure to maximize valuable content and avoid any unnecessary waste.

Net New Creative

During this phase, we achieved exciting results by collaborating with 2-3 UGC creators every month. Each creator brought 2-3 fresh concepts to the table for creative testing, allowing us to generate a minimum of 10 net new concepts each month. We also created a modular library of hooks, CTAs, and b-roll shots, which we could use for future iterative tests.

Our goal was to run a testing marathon from creators and concepts to hooks, CTAs and sale sequences. This approach helped us continually improve performance and lift the account's overall floor by building on top of our learnings.

In the end, we scaled our spending profitably.

The Road Ahead

We are excited about the progress we've made so far and are eager to continue with our results and provide recommendations for new and improved creative strategies. This process is essential for increasing profits and reducing customer acquisition costs while improving returns on ad spend.

Our partnership with Huel demonstrates that a well-crafted, data-driven creative strategy can yield significant results in a short period of time. As we refine and enhance our approach, we look forward to Huel's continued growth and our partnership.

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