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Influencer Affiliate

As a strategic leader in influencer-affiliate programs for top-tier brands, our team provides an end-to-end solution for building branded influencer & customer communities designed to deliver long-tail ROI for your brand, growth, and partnership teams.


Affiliate marketing has rapidly evolved in the wake of new trends across TikTok and Instagram, and iOS 14 changes. Influencer partnerships are crucial to locking in high Life-Time Values (LTVs) and reducing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). The goal of implementing an influencer-affiliate community is to unlock a profitable growth channel by partnering with 100's to 1000's of influencers a month to create content while promoting affiliate links and coupons.


Build a community of creators making content for your brand on a performance basis


Generate a channel for direct sales that can contribute 10%+ of total revenue


Establish high-ROI, low-CAC levers for new customer acquisition


Develop a discovery engine for high-performing organic IGC/UGC concepts

Case study

Premium cookware brand Hexclad enlisted the aid of ZeroTo1 to coordinate dozens of influencers for an ongoing affiliate program.

Case study

Modern hydration brand Stur works with ZeroTo1 to connect with influencers and empowers them with affiliate tools.

Case study

Venus Williams' Happy Viking collaborated with ZeroTo1 to connect with dozens of ideal influencers that boosted branding across channels.


I: Strategy

Zeroto1 provides comprehensive and end-to-end strategic consulting on your software stack, core program mechanics, creator segments, messaging strategies, creative strategies, and performance insights. Zeroto1’s founders and high-level business strategists are at the forefront of all program implementations, providing C-Level support and hands-on implementation.

II: Program Management

As a truly turnkey agency solution, our team is on hand to handle the day-in and day-out process of list-building, recruiting, onboarding, training, and optimizing our influencer-affiliate programs with a focus - always - on driving results.

III: Community Management

Unlike traditional affiliate marketing programs, influencer-affiliate communities require constant cultivation. The Zeroto1 team has decades of experience working with influencers - we understand the language and the motivations. As a result, our team is best-in-class at identifying, educating, coaching, and nurturing top social sellers.

IV: Creative

The X-Factor in successful influencer-affiliate communities, is the strength of both creative inputs and outputs. The ZeroTo1 team develops FAQs, creative briefs, grab-and-go content, creator spotlights, and concept breakdowns to educate and inspire the community. We also provide media reports on the content coming out of the community, providing insights on creators and concepts that perform best.

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