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Performance Influencer

ZeroTo1 curates hundreds of top-performing influencers and content creators that are a perfect for your brand and combines thoughtful creative strategy with clean edits to produce thumb-stopping content for whitelisting/allowlisting and direct organic sales. Our north star is higher ROAS, lower CAC, net-new customer acquisition.

influencer to drive roas & lower cac

Influencers are not just nice to have. In order to profitably scale on paid social, It has become essential to a winning creative mix - but not all influencer tactics drive attributable ROAS. The struggle of curating, contracting, and coaching influencers to create content that actually moves the needle isn't a straightforward task. Content placement and having an integrated whitelisting strategy are essential to see success.

ZeroTo1 works 1:1 with these creators to build organic and effective content that fuels your paid media and drives direct sales:
We interface directly with them and offer scripting, 1:1 coaching, and editing support in an effort to produce thumb-stopping content that drives clicks. We negotiate contracts, rates, and deliverables based on real brand KPIs to hit your ROAS or CAC targets.

Case study

Hardware retail and home improvement giant Lowe's works with ZeroTo1 to find the perfect faces to match the brand's industrious spirit.

Case study

Landing, a service that provides furnished apartments on flexible terms, worked with ZeroTo1 to enlist influencers.

Case study

Venus Williams' Happy Viking collaborated with ZeroTo1 to connect with dozens of ideal influencers that boosted branding across channels.

How It works


Creator Sourcing

ZeroTo1 scouts for influencers with high engagement and link clicks that also align with the brand AND create high quality content. Then we negotiate contracts and budgets based on client goals and hard KPIs to best predict the outcome and hit ROI targets.


Content Production

Influencers are given thorough briefs, guidelines, 1-1 coaching, and scripts from a creative strategist that makes sure they are set up for success. This content is screened, edited, and elevated to match client standards and specifications.


Whitelisting + Iteration

We leverage this creative to fuel the brands paid social strategy on Meta and TikTok and to drive organic direct sales. We'll monitor creative performance and work to scale spend on the best of the best. Top performers are given additional opportunities to work again with the brand to increase overall results MoM.


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