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Accredited Partner
Accredited Partner


Why build on TIKTOK SHOP?

TikTok aims to grow it's TikTok Shop business 10x to $17.5B in 2024.
Social commerce channels like TikTok Shop and Shop on Instagram & Facebook are expected to become a $2.9T market by 2025. Disruptive brands that move on TikTok shop in 2024 have the early adopter advantage.

TikTok's algorithm favors discoverability, and drives sales organically without hefty ad spend. The direct sales channel on TikTok has simplified the buying process, leading to higher conversion rates.

As TikTok and Meta continue to invest in social commerce, early adopters will be positioned to benefit from the next big shift, e-commerce to social commerce. We believe in a full funnel approach to TikTok Shop.

Building TikTok Shop into a high-ROI influencer channel requires a full funnel approach to affiliate, paid ads, and organic content. Our goal is to generate a new channel for direct sales that can contribute 10%+ of total revenue, and establish a growth flywheel that feeds your organic and paid social efforts.

Let's Look at the data

of users report using TikTok as a
source of shopping inspiration.
Source: Root Digital
of TikTok shoppers say they've purchased through the app after discovering a product in their feed or stories.
Source: Root Digital
of users say live streams on TikTok
prompt them to buy something.
Source: Root Digital


Accredited TikTok Partners

Direct access to the TikTok Shop personnel, features and strategies. We're not just participants; we're leaders, set apart by an invite-only accreditation.

Strategic Mastery

We focus on creative strategy, end-to-end execution, rapid-testing, and building community as a high ROI channel.

High-Performing Creators

We have recruited thousands and thousands of high-converting influencers for tops brands across nearly every vertical.

Reputation of Excellence

Our track record with influencer-affiliate is unmatched. Partnering with ZeroTo1 means joining the ranks of the world's most disruptive and successful brands.

In our Client's Words

"Zeroto1's TikTok Shop service has been a huge success for Create. Their team is always on it, providing fast and innovative solutions that have significantly boosted our sales. We're seeing rapid growth in performance on TikTok affiliate and TikTok ads, and there's a noticeable spillover effect on our other sales channels."
Dan, Founder of Create

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