ZeroTo1 took Rinse rom a 13% to 65% initiate checkout rate

At the beginning of September, the growth team at Rinse reached out to us with a challenge. They had already invested heavily in creative production. This highly scripted, humor-forward creative did a great job stopping thumbs and driving clicks but failed to convert lower in the funnel. As a last-ditch effort, the team gave us 30 days to try and get the account back on track. Since this was all still relatively early into their go-to-market launch, their instincts for where to go next were spot on: platform-specific UGC creative – and of course, we agreed 😉

Our team sprang into action and onboarded three new creators, briefing out several concepts using our ad recipes process and editing over 30+ total creatives (plus a curated B-Roll library). When you need both volume and conversion, creator content is the fastest, most cost-effective way to inject fresh ads into your ad account.

From this batch of creative, a clear winner emerged. This concept beat all past performance baselines by pulling a 42% initiate checkout rate! The Rinse team had never seen numbers like that before. After completing our initial sprint, we continued collaborating with top creators from the first sprint while onboarding new ones. Our teams have been thrilled with the results…

One of the current ad iterations is beating the original best performer (and scaling) at a 65% checkout rate with a 38% decrease in cost-per-initiate checkout. Previously, their top performer had a 13% initiate checkout rate.

From this initial sprint, the one thing all top-performing creatives had in common was an overt, problem-solution ad recipe centered on time saved, then reinvested, in rest. And honestly, that tracks. In 2023, the New Year’s "anti-resolution" trend skyrocketed across all social platforms. Public sentiment is shifting. Brands and services that can support folks' ability to prioritize mental health, balance, and rest will be able to inch themselves closer to that coveted "essential" bucket in the minds of price-conscious customers.

This year with Rinse we saw a shift in the company's objectives. Initially the focus was to gain Brand awareness. In the first six months we increased the spend in the account while simultaneously scale the upper funnel metric MoM 5x Spend by month 6. While 6x Thumbstop & 6x Retention with a 3x in CTR. The client was having success getting leads and registrations however the Users were not taking the final step to place the order. From June until now we have been focused on more conversions and we have saw MoM increase in First order scheduled while still seeing an increase in Thumbstop & Retention. Also from 06 - now we have seen their registrations increase by 4x and their cost per registration decrease by 4x.

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